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Aerial Assault Mecha

2 Light Laser Cannons

1 MAR-16 Assault Rifle

1 Extended Range Boost Pack

The LM-5 Aerial Assault Mecha was designed for light fast-attack and patrol duties. It is capable of short flights and is quite maneuverable, despite its tall appearance. It is constructed from lightweight composites and alloys, and as a result, cannot engage in heavy mecha-to-mecha combat. Because of this, it has been given a designation of "Light Mecha", in spite of the fact that it is similar in size to some of the LSF's Medium Mecha. The LM-5 is equipped with two onboard Light Laser Cannons, which are effective against other light mecha and vehicles. For long-distance deployment, the LM-5 is carried by the UD-5M Mecha Transport For Patrol duties and short sustained flight engagements, the LM-5 can be equipped with a custom booster pack. This pack allows it to fly at any altitude over short distances, or the mecha can travel in ground effect for up to two hours. Using its own internal engines for maneuvering thrusters, it can be quite a maneuverable adversary. When on patrol, the LM-5 carries the MAR-16 (Mecha Assault Rifle)

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